Often times we need to take a moment and notice the amazing things that God is doing and has done. Apart from making us thankful, it reminds that the Kingdom is at hand and increases our appetite to see God do miraculous things in our everyday life.


In this vein, we would like to share with you some of the amazing stories that happened towards the end of 2020, to inspire you at the start of 2020.


Through local JustOne missions, we have seen God do some great things. One example of the miraculous healings the team has seen occurred with a lady in her house in Zola. The team was firstly lead by the Holy Spirit to go specifically to her home. When they arrived, the Lord revealed to one of our team that the lady needed prayer for her health. When asked, she mentioned she had pain from arthritis and suffered from depression. The team laid hands on her and all the pain from the arthritis left her body. They left her praising God as her relationship to Him had been restored.


The team have also find the most crazy coincidences as they go out, like running into friends who ask what they are up to or having strangers approach them. A number of these encounters have led to salvations as God had appointments with these people. I don’t think we always realise how busy God in people’s hearts.


We have also seen God move in our prayer meeting, especially as we have added early morning prayer on a Thursday. In these meetings, the Holy Spirit would has led the group to ministry to a particular person prior to them facing a difficult trial or while they were going through it, even if they hadn’t spoken to anyone else about it. There has been many breakthroughs with provision and in family situations.


Last year, 12 new small groups got started in Every Nation Somerset West. We have seen amazing transformation and freedom come to people’s lives as they fellowship and encourage one another in these times. The groups has seen people join who would usually never step foot near a church building, but God has drawn them and now they have become fully connected.


We would love to hear more testimonies of how the Lord has been working and moving in your life or the lives around you. To share your story with us, go to http://ensw.org/church-life/ to find the testimonial form.