The team at Every Nation Belfast embodies what it looks like when you are intentional about reaching those around you.

Each month, the team hosts a night filled with a multi-cultural experience and plenty of good food. The Global Cafe is a place where newcomers can come to get connected with the life of Every Nation Belfast. The Cafe started out as a place for people of the community to come and experience free food, good music, fellowship and experience the love of Jesus; and it has turned into a multicultural blend of God’s goodness.

At their most recent event, they had over 60 people from different nations, including the Philippines, Syria, and all over Europe! There was an opportunity to pray for and minister to some individuals and have fun with a little karaoke.

It is normal for them to have the opportunity to reach out to those the Lord has given them. The Global Cafe is an excellent example of making a way to draw people in and giving them the opportunity to be completely transformed by the power of the gospel while also, never asking them to give up who they are.

Our friends at Every Nation Belfast are showing us that when you have been faithful with little God will make you faithful over much. Intentionality and patience change us and those around us.

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