“What’s your favourite Marvel character?” is an introductory question often asked of any teen that comes to ENSW youth for the first time. Their answer invokes much reaction in the room and everyone rejoices. Unless they don’t know Marvel. Then things get awkward. But we love them anyway.


And while this may seem like a trivial introduction, we didn’t quite realise the significance of this word until recently. At a worship night, a prophetic word was spoken over our youth, that we would “marvel” at who God is, and that we would be used by God to stir up a company of young people who would marvel at him. It was a powerful moment, considering one of our leader’s was, unbeknown to the one prophesying, wearing a Marvel hoodie. And a prophetic word had been given to one of the teens wearing this same hoodie, just the Friday before.


Needless to say we’re in awe of the way God is moving in the young people at ENSW youth. While we enjoy table-tennis, foosball, hot chocolate and socialising every week, what’s marked us this year is HUNGER. We’ve become a company of young people who are hungry for God, for his presence and seeing His kingdom established on earth as it is in heaven. It’s a privilege and a joy to see someone’s week turned around by an encouragement, most often through our teens themselves; or encounter God in worship, regardless of whether there’s one person leading on the guitar up front, or a multimedia track playing. We’re after His heart, not just for us, but our friends and families.


As leaders, we’ve been encouraged by the deep growth the Lord has been doing in each heart. There’s a strong sense that what’s being established on a Friday night is no small thing, but something eternal, and of great price. Our youth are counting the cost, and following Jesus whole-heartedly. We encourage you to do the same! – Gareth, Youth leader.


“Youth is a place I feel comfortable to be myself, because I’m with people that I can talk to God about and ask questions. After a long week of school, I am so excited for Friday – and it’s not because it’s the last day of a school week, but it’s the day I can go to a place and relax, pray and worship the Lord Almighty! ENSW Youth has brought positivity and peace into my life which has impacted me daily. I am now reading the Bible more often than I used to. I have heard the most incredible testimonies of people that have inspired me to find out more about God, his amazing stories and plans he has in store for me!” – Sarah, Gr 9.


Youth has really helped me in my walk with God, and it’s helped me realise that God is always with us no matter what. It’s very special to me because it’s also my peer group and we can constantly learn from each other’s experiences. It’s great to know that the Lord guards my thoughts but I have a family to guard my back!” – Jack, Gr9.