TESTIMONIES Often times we need to take a moment and notice the amazing things that God is doing and has done. Apart from making us thankful, it reminds that the Kingdom is at hand and increases our appetite to see God do miraculous things in our everyday life.   In this vein, we would like to share with you some of the amazing stories that [...]




FASTING A spiritual discipline to align our minds and actions with Jesus and what's on His heart. For many people including myself, fasting is one of the most challenging spiritual disciplines. As my dad used to say: If only food wasn't so delicious and enjoyable…! But that's exactly the point right? It's easy to say (or even sing!): Jesus, You're my everything, nothing compares to [...]


IT’S 2020!


IT'S 2020! It’s 2020! A brand new year, a brand new decade and you , just just like me, probably have a heart full of brand new hopes and aspirations. A new year is significant in that God established the concept of rhythms, seasons and time; and just as the sun announces new mercies every morning, the arrival of a new year reminds us that [...]

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MYRRH Along with their desire to worship the new born king, the wise men came bearing some very symbolic gifts. Bringing prophetic gifts to a post-birth baby shower had been a great idea. The parents were filled with awe as the amazing gifts were revealed – Gold! Frankincense! and then, Myrrh? Although often used in expensive fragrances, myrrh was the substance most commonly associated with [...]




FRANKINCENSE When God asked his people in the book of Exodus, to build a place of meeting, He instructed them to include incense around the place of His presence. The burning of incense was included by the high priest when performing the rituals of atonement for the sins of the people. The gift of frankincense can be seen as a prophetic picture of Jesus’ High [...]

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